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Host a Margaret Aberdeen Workshop: I regularly run workshops and do speaking events as part of my offerings. Below are a few of the workshops I offer and how you and your attendees can benefit form them. Host or attend one of my workshops to learn how I transformed my life. If I did it, so could you and other women. Below are some of the subjects we cover in the workshops.

Margaret Facilated 'Me, Myself & I' at Women Writer's Group, Negril, Jamaica

Margaret Facilated ‘Me, Myself & I’ at Women Writer’s Group, Negril, Jamaica



De-Junk Your Mind

In order to rebuild life after experiencing domestic violence, the first and most important relationship is with yourself, to unload your personal emotions, to improve your self-image and find yourself worth. You have the power to do it!

Learn Margaret’s three simple methods of letting go…



Knowing & Loving Yourself : Self-Love (Part 1)

 Margaret wrote an article called ‘Love is a DIY job which was published in Aspire Magazine in Feb/Mar 2005, and which forms the basis of the following workshop:

Are you a stranger to yourself?

If you wish to be no longer a stranger to yourself come and find how to get to know yourself and what makes you tick!

In This Workshop Attendees Will Explore:

How your thoughts, feelings, attitude and emotions identify you?
How to identify your uniqueness, faults, habits and mood swings?
How to identify core beliefs and see if they are beneficial to you?
How to value yourself, belief in yourself and self-worth?

Knowing & Loving Yourself : Self-Love (Part 2)

Is loving yourself selfish? Come and find out why we have to harvest love for our self first before we can share it with others.

Re-programme your mind

Why love is a DIY Job

Be your own Valentine

Taking Charge of Your Life

You are in the driver’s seat! If you wish to be master in your life come and find out how to get into gear and accelerate to your chosen destination!

Re-assessing choices and values,

Believe in yourself and maintain your decision?

Transforming limiting self-beliefs

Taking action in making it happen

Workshop Durations – 3 hours

Contact me today to inquire about hosting a workshop.


Schedule and come hear Margaret’s in-depth empowering speeches on how she thrived not just survive after domestic violence, including cancer and the lost of her home without any family support. Contact me here to inquire about a speaking engagement.


Past Events & Awards

As a ‘conqueroress’ of domestic violence, Margaret is a voice for silent voices. She uses her experiences to help others speak up and seek help.

Stop violence against women interview

Margaret interviewed at ‘Stop Violence Against Women’, Grenada, Caribbean


In 2012, I received the Peace Ambassador Award for my speech from Women Federation for World Peace International, Rome, Italy, and has spoken at several major national events, including:


End Violence Against Women

Margaret’s voice is being heard  in a global campaign ‘End Violence Against Women’, London, UK

  • Who Can We Turn To?, London Muslim Centre, UK – 2011
  • Be Your Bodyguard, Grenada, Caribbean – 2010
  • Stop Violence Against Women (Grenada, Caribbean) – 2010
  • Safeguarding Partners & Children, National Domestic Violence Conference, UK – 2010
  • Making the Impossible Possible, Royal College of Nursing, International Women’s Day Conference – 2009
  • The 2nd Annul Domestic Violence Symposium, UK – 2009
  • Capital’s 10th National Domestic Violence Conference, UK – 2009
  • London Borough of Newham Youth Employment (Human Resources), UK – 2008
  • Find Your Voice – Women’s International Day Event, UK – 2007
  • MIND – Women’s International Day Event, UK – 2005

Ethnic minority domestic violence survivors | Society | – Margaret’s was one of the women who participated in photo exhibition of ‘Ethnic minority domestic violence survivors’

Ushering an End to Gender-Based Violence | – Margaret joins a chorus of  voices of over 150 courageous women and men from 38 countries who contributed to World Pulse’s campaign.


Cognitive Coaching

I work with groups and individuals and offer an initial free assessment to explore needs and to access compatibility. I’m available for short or long term basis.