“As a child I witnessed my mother being battered at the hands of my father so many times and made a commitment to help those who suffered in similar situation. Unknown to me I did not know I had to experienced the horrific pain and suffering to help others break free of domestic violence forever”.

Do You Believe In Your Power To Change?

You alone have the power to change everything in your life, to break free of domestic violence forever. You can have all that you have ever wanted and desired in life. All you have to do is believe in yourself and your ability to change.

In your chain-breaking session, I’ll design a personalized L.I.F.E. action plan that’ll give you the direction you need to live the life you choose.

In Your Chain-Breaking Sessions You’ll Explore:

Who you are?

 Where are you now?

 Where you want to go next?

 And how to get there.


 My motto is: “If I can do it, you can do it too.” 



Get Support & Coaching You Can Fully Lean Into

I implement Cognitive Coaching, which is a fantastic tool for learning to become your own teacher, therapist and best friend. It’s a extremely personal, tailored approach to healing your situation.

You too can rise above your past and break free of domestic violence and create the life you choose. Here’s what a Chain-Breaking, Cognitive Coaching Session can reveal to you:

 Recognising your inner-self and making the changes in you first

 Reconnecting with your feminine power and the essence of who you are

 Retraining your mind to break barriers and habits that are holding you back

 Redeeming your self-awareness, self-confidence, self-esteem, self-worth

 Releasing the shackles of guilt, resentment and shame

 Rediscovering the core of being free by letting go and forgiving

 Regaining your unique sense of self and not what others want you to be

 Rekindling a healthy relationship with yourself and others

✤ Rebuilding your life with passion, vigour and a sense of direction and purpose

 Recognizing and sustaining the positive changes you want in life

In all honesty, the list goes on…


Hold tight, get ready as this will be the most fulfilling time of your life!