My promise to you…

is to share the best processes that helped me turn challenges into gifts which can supply you with skills, strategies and tools to Break Free of Domestic Violence Forever.

To show YOU how to turn the mirror on yourself to see the reflection of your humanity, strength and self-worth.

Margaret Facilated 'Me, Myself & I' at Women Writer's Group, Negril, Jamaica

Margaret Facilated ‘Me, Myself & I’ at Women Writer’s Group, Negril, Jamaica

I am a prolific speaker, writer, coach and trainer, founder and CEO of Break Free of Domestic Violence Forever. My communication career began at the age of seven, when I continuously pleaded with my father to stop abusing my mother. I gained my diploma in Mass Media Communication/Certificated Life Coach, then propelled up the ladder to become a writer/poet (see published work). My belief is that everyone has choices in life and, through my diverse manner of coaching, I’ve managed to steer clients in the paths of discovery and fulfillment.


Team bonding: Margaret hosting ‘Rising Together’ workshop with staff at Look Ahead, London, UK

I have a proven track record of devising and delivering dynamic, innovative workshops, where I uses an honest, gentle approach laced with enthusiasm to share my life experiences with others – I’ve worked for Look Ahead, Training for Life (TFL), Women’s Link, Women’s Aid, Wilde Network International, London Borough of Newham’s Human Resources, Program for Adolescence Mothers’ (PAM), Grenada and Grenada National Organization for Women (GNOW). My straightforward and uplifting style, infused with passion and humour, inspires audiences to take positive transformational action in order to make positive choices in their lives, both personally and professionally.

I have a passion for writing, which is a therapeutic journey of self-discovery, and is in the process of writing my first book with many more to follow. I’ve edited books and written features, which have been published in several national women’s magazines, including I’m Proof That You Can Survive Everything (Woman, June 27 2005), Love is a Do-It-Yourself Job (Aspire, Feb/Mar 2005) and Your Spirit is Your Soulmate (Aspire, Oct/Nov 2004). I’m also a ‘poetess’, with several poems being published in various publications, and has been recognised by The International Library of Poetry, which gave me the “The Editor’s Choice Award” for one of The Best Poems and Poets of 2005. I’ve recently recorded a selection of poems called ‘Awakening of a Woman’ on a CD, which will soon be available, online.

I’ve also been interviewed on Radio 4, Choice FM and Breakfast BEN TV (UK), Focus Radio, Spice Morning TV (Grenada, Caribbean), where I’ve shared my life story and spoke on topics including Stop Violence Against Women’ and ‘The Effects of Abuse and Domestic Violence on a Child’.

I’ve also participated in a photo exhibition by Photography Sonalle entitled Ethnic Minority Domestic Violence Survivors, and led a Confidence-building and Empowering Workshop for Disability in Camden (DISC), an organisation controlled by, and accountable to, disabled people in the area. I have also volunteered for various charities, too, including Police Community Safety Board, NSPCC, City Gateway, Think Big Education, Macmillan Cancer Support, Women’s Aid, Friends of Elderly, Youth at Risk and MIND.

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