Margaret Aberdeen

I Have Been Where YOU Were…

I know this because I have suffered physical, emotional, isolation, forced sex, financial and fraud abuse.

I am a passionate and dedicated humanitarian activist; CEO of Break Free of Domestic Violence Forever to re-ignite self-worth and help rebuild the lives of those who have experienced the brutality of domestic violence.

My dedication began as a child when I used to defend my mother being abused at the hands of my father so many times. 

Through all the challenges, pain and struggle, I have learnt that, with commitment, determination, transformation and action, we are ‘influential leaders’ and are here to incite positive change in order to leave footprints for future generations. We are not victims – we are victorious.


Awards & Speaking

In 2012, I received the Peace Ambassador Award for my speech from Women Federation for World Peace International, Rome, Italy, and I’ve spoken at several major national events…Read More


My Story